15 Benefits of Building a Custom Home in Virginia Beach

Have you ever dreamt of a home that perfectly reflects your unique style and needs?

Building a custom home in Virginia Beach offers a unique opportunity to turn that dream into reality.

The benefits of building a custom home in Virginia Beach are numerous.

From selecting premium building materials to enjoying a customized floor plan, a custom home is designed to meet your specific needs and preferences. Unlike buying an existing home, building your own home ensures every detail reflects your vision.

Continue reading to discover 16 compelling reasons why building a custom home in Virginia Beach is the best decision for your future.

1. Personalized Design and Layout

Inside the custom home with personalize layout built by the RBC Homes
RBC Homes – Count Your Blessings

When building a custom home in Virginia Beach, the design flexibility and customization options are virtually limitless.

You can:

  • Choose Your Floor Plan: Customize your layout to include open floor plans, additional rooms, or unique spaces like a home office or gym.
  • Select Finishes and Fixtures: Handpick materials, colors, and finishes for every part of your home, from countertops to lighting fixtures.
  • Optimize for Your Lifestyle: Create spaces that cater to your specific needs, such as a gourmet kitchen for cooking enthusiasts or a large backyard for outdoor activities.
  • Integrate Smart Technology: Incorporate the latest smart home technology for security, entertainment, and convenience.
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions: Implement energy-efficient systems and materials to reduce your environmental footprint and lower utility costs.

Building a custom home means you have the freedom to create a space that truly reflects your personality and meets your unique needs.

2. Enhanced Quality and Craftsmanship

Custom homes in Virginia Beach are renowned for their enhanced quality and craftsmanship.

When you work with a professional custom home builder, you benefit from:

  • Premium Building Materials: Using top-quality materials ensures your home is built to last.
  • Attention to Detail: Skilled craftsmen meticulously work on every detail, from custom moldings to bespoke cabinetry.
  • Quality Control: Rigorous inspections at each construction phase ensure superior standards are met.
  • Tailored Solutions: Customized features and finishes reflect your personal style and needs, ensuring a unique and perfect fit.

These elements collectively ensure that your custom home is not only beautiful but also structurally sound and built with the highest standards in mind.

3. Location and Site Selection

The elegant house with outdoor pool built by RBC Homes
RBC Homes – A Crown Jewel

Building a custom home in Virginia Beach allows you to select the perfect location to fit the coastal lifestyle.

Here’s how:

  • Proximity to the Beach: Choose a site close to the ocean, providing easy access to sandy shores and beautiful views.
  • Elevated Designs: Homes can be built on pilings to offer protection against potential flooding while maximizing views of the coast.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces: Incorporate expansive decks, patios, and porches to enjoy outdoor living and entertaining year-round.
  • Natural Light: Design your home with large windows and open floor plans to maximize natural light and bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.
  • Coastal Amenities: Include features like outdoor showers, storage for beach gear, and even private pathways to the beach.

By selecting the ideal location and tailoring your home’s design to the coastal environment, you can fully embrace and enjoy the Virginia Beach lifestyle.

4. Emotional Satisfaction and Pride of Ownership

Building your own home it’s about creating a space that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle.

Imagine walking through a home where every detail – from the light fixtures to the flow of the floorplan – feels like an extension of yourself.

That’s the kind of emotional connection you get with a custom build.

It’s a home that reflects your values, tells your story, and sparks pure joy every time you walk through the door.

But it’s not just about aesthetics:

A custom home means you get to choose high-quality materials and trusted craftsmanship, giving you peace of mind and the confidence that your home is built to last.

5. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Building a custom home in Virginia Beach opens up endless possibilities.

Let’s explore how you can make it sustainable too:

  • You can integrate the latest eco-friendly features, like high-performance insulation and energy-efficient windows (Imagine slashing your utility bills while staying cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.)
  • Secondly, you can also add features like solar panels to tap into the Virginia Beach sunshine, further reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Plus, using local materials and non-toxic products means a healthier home for you and a smaller impact on the environment.

Building with a green focus isn’t just good for the earth, it’s a smart investment that saves you money in the long run.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

6. Cost Efficiency in the Long Run

RBC Homes just completed a dream custom home for one of their clients.
RBC Home – Happy As a Clam

Sure, the upfront cost of building a custom home in Virginia Beach might seem steeper than buying existing.

But hold on!

Here’s why it can actually be a smarter financial move in the long run: custom homes are built to last.

High-quality materials and cutting-edge construction techniques mean less maintenance and repairs down the road.

Plus, energy-efficient features like top-notch insulation and smart HVAC systems can seriously slash your utility bills year after year.

And that’s not all!

When you design your dream home from scratch, you get exactly what you need, eliminating the need for expensive renovations later.

Imagine a kitchen that perfectly fits your cooking style or a home office designed for maximum productivity – all built-in from the start.

7. Future-Proofing Your Home

Building a custom home in Virginia Beach gives your dream space the flexibility to evolve with you.

Think open floor plans that can be easily reconfigured, or additional rooms that can be adapted for different uses over time.

Need a playroom for the kids now? Maybe a guest room later?

A custom build allows you to design for changing needs.

The focus here is on practicality, not technology. Furthermore, high-quality materials and construction techniques ensure your home stands the test of time.

Imagine a space that requires minimal maintenance and repairs, saving you money and headaches in the long run.

Building a custom home isn’t just about the present; it’s an investment in a home that adapts and endures, reflecting your life for years to come.

8. Increased Property Value

Beyond the immediate benefits of a custom build, Virginia Beach homeowners enjoy a significant advantage in terms of long-term investment.

Custom homes are meticulously crafted to the owner’s specifications, often featuring unique design elements and high-quality materials. This focus on personalization translates to increased curb appeal and overall desirability in the real estate market.

Also, the ability to integrate modern amenities and energy-efficient features during construction enhances a custom home’s value proposition for future buyers.

Ultimately, building a custom home in Virginia Beach represents a strategic investment. While offering immediate enjoyment and comfort, it also fosters lasting value for your property, making it a wise decision for homeowners with a long-term perspective.

9. Superior Functionality and Usability

Elegant interior custom home design built by RBC Homes
RBC Homes – Summer Baycation

Building a custom home in Virginia Beach allows you to craft a space that seamlessly integrates with your daily routine.

Unlike pre-existing homes, a custom design lets you prioritize the features that truly enhance your lifestyle.

The design process becomes a collaborative conversation – a chance to explore your specific needs and how your home can best serve them.

Imagine a gourmet kitchen perfectly equipped for your culinary passions, a light-filled home office designed for maximum productivity, or ample storage solutions strategically placed for effortless organization.

Every element is meticulously planned to maximize efficiency and comfort.

Every detail, from the layout to the built-in features, is designed to make your life easier. It’s about creating a space that works as hard as you do, fostering a sense of effortless living and a home that truly reflects your way of life.

10. Opportunity to Work with Skilled Professionals

Constructing a custom home provides the unique opportunity to collaborate with skilled professionals who bring your vision to life.

Experienced architects, designers, and builders work closely with you to understand your preferences and requirements, ensuring that every detail is meticulously planned and executed.

This collaboration allows for personalized design solutions and expert advice, enhancing the overall quality and functionality of your home.

The expertise of these professionals ensures that your home is built to the highest standards, incorporating the latest construction techniques and materials.

Partner with RBC Homes to transform your vision into an exceptional coastal living experience.

11. Health and Wellness Features

Custom homes can be designed to prioritize health and wellness, offering numerous benefits for your well-being.

Here are some key sport and fitness features that can be incorporated in the home of your dreams in Virginia Beach:

  • Home Gym: Design a fully equipped gym with the latest fitness machines, free weights, and space for various workouts.
  • Yoga Studio: Create a serene and dedicated space for yoga, meditation, and stretching, complete with calming decor and soundproofing.
  • Bicycle Storage: Add specialized storage for bikes and equipment, encouraging regular cycling and outdoor adventures.
  • Sauna and Spa: Incorporate a sauna or spa area for post-workout relaxation and muscle recovery, promoting overall wellness.

These sport and fitness features ensure that you can maintain an active and healthy lifestyle within the comfort of your custom home, enhancing your physical well-being and overall quality of life.

12. Access to Local Expertise in VA

Opting for a custom home in Virginia Beach provides unparalleled access to local expertise.

Virginia Beach’s builders and designers have a deep understanding of the city’s architectural styles, from charming beach homes to modern waterfront estates. They’ll ensure your home reflects the unique coastal aesthetic while adhering to local zoning regulations.

Local experts are well-versed in the challenges and opportunities presented by Virginia Beach’s climate. They can design a home that considers factors like hurricane resilience, flood mitigation, and energy efficiency, creating a comfortable and sustainable living space.

Additionally, local professionals often have established relationships with trusted suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring that you receive the best materials and services.

By partnering with RBC Homes, you ensure a smooth, efficient, and satisfying building experience, tailored specifically to the unique demands of Virginia Beach living.

13. Customization of Outdoor Spaces

Beautiful custom home built by RBC homes
RBC Homes – Amazing Grace

Creating a custom home allows you to design outdoor spaces that perfectly complement your lifestyle.

Imagine enjoying a backyard oasis with a custom pool, an outdoor kitchen for entertaining, or a beautifully landscaped garden for relaxation.

Custom-built patios, decks, and pergolas can extend your living space and provide ideal spots for dining, lounging, or hosting gatherings.

Tailoring these areas to your preferences not only enhances your home’s functionality but also adds significant value and enjoyment to your daily life.

14. Smart Home Technologies

Integrating smart home technologies into your custom home in Virginia Beach provides convenience, security, and efficiency.

Here are some key features to consider:

  • Automated Lighting: Control your home’s lighting with voice commands or smartphone apps, enhancing energy efficiency and convenience.
  • Smart Thermostats: Optimize your heating and cooling systems for comfort and energy savings.
  • Security Systems: Advanced security cameras, doorbell cameras, and smart locks provide enhanced safety and peace of mind.
  • Voice-Activated Assistants: Use devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home to manage household tasks, play music, and control other smart devices.
  • Smart Appliances: Modernize your kitchen and laundry with smart refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines that can be controlled remotely.
  • Home Entertainment: Integrate smart TVs, speakers, and streaming devices for an immersive entertainment experience.
  • Energy Management: Monitor and manage your energy consumption with smart plugs and energy-efficient devices.

These technologies make daily living more convenient, efficient, and secure, enhancing your overall home experience.

15. Personalized Security Features

A custom home in Virginia Beach with some amazing security features
RBC Homes – Irish Blessings

Custom homes allow for the integration of personalized security features tailored to your specific needs. Here are some options to consider:

  • Smart Locks: Control access to your home remotely and monitor who enters and exits with advanced smart lock systems.
  • Surveillance Cameras: Install high-definition security cameras around your property for real-time monitoring and recording.
  • Alarm Systems: Customize alarm systems with motion detectors, glass break sensors, and door/window sensors for comprehensive protection.
  • Video Doorbells: Enhance entryway security with video doorbells that offer live video feeds and two-way communication.
  • Access Control: Implement keyless entry systems and biometric scanners for added security and convenience.
  • Lighting Controls: Use smart lighting systems to simulate occupancy and deter potential intruders when you’re away.
  • Panic Buttons: Install discreet panic buttons throughout your home for immediate emergency assistance.

These personalized security features provide peace of mind, ensuring your home and family are well-protected.

Building a Custom Home in Virginia Beach vs. Buying an Existing Property: Pros and Cons

Deciding between building a custom home in Virginia Beach or buying an existing property is a significant choice. Each option offers unique benefits and challenges.

Here is a comprehensive comparison of the pros and cons of building a custom home versus buying an existing property in Virginia Beach, to help you make an informed decision.

Building a Custom Home in Virginia Beach: Pros and Cons

CustomizationFull control over design and layout to meet personal preferencesTime-consuming decision-making process
Modern FeaturesIncorporation of the latest technology and energy-efficient systemsPotentially higher initial costs
Investment ValuePotential for higher resale value with new constructionHigher initial investment
Emotional SatisfactionHigh personal satisfaction from designing your homeStress and complexity of construction
MaintenanceLower maintenance costs initially due to new warrantiesHigher initial costs can strain budgets
Financing OptionsFlexible financing tailored to construction phasesRequires securing construction and final mortgage

Buying an Existing Property: Pros and Cons

CustomizationImmediate availability without design decisionsLimited ability to customize
Modern FeaturesMay be less expensive upfrontMight require upgrades to meet modern standards
Investment ValueTypically lower initial investmentPotentially higher maintenance and renovation costs
Emotional SatisfactionLess stress in the purchasing processMay lack emotional satisfaction of custom design
MaintenanceImmediate occupancy without construction waitPossible higher long-term maintenance costs
Financing OptionsStraightforward conventional mortgage optionsPotentially higher interest rates for older homes

Coastal Elegance: RBC Homes’ Innovative Designs

At RBC Homes, transforming dreams into reality is our passion.

Explore our portfolio and discover the benefits of building a custom home in Virginia Beach.

Each project exemplifies our dedication to quality craftsmanship and exceptional design, allowing you to see firsthand how a custom home can perfectly reflect your vision and lifestyle.

Step Inside Unforgettable Spaces:

Atlantic Villa Fran-to-Sea:

Elegant kitchen in Atlantic Villa Fran-to-Sea

This breathtaking oceanfront property perfectly integrates indoor and outdoor living. The home boasts expansive living areas, a gourmet kitchen, and sweeping ocean views.

Its design focuses on open floor plans and abundant glass elements, ensuring ample natural light and a strong connection to the surrounding coastal environment.

View Project here

Ruff Life

Inside the custom home in Ruff Life

Where luxury meets the shore! “Ruff Life” is a 9-bedroom haven featuring a newly upgraded master suite with three double beds for unparalleled comfort.

Relax by the private pool, entertain at the cabana bar, or enjoy the stunning views. This home welcomes families and their furry friends with its elegant interiors, hardwood floors, and premium amenities.

Experience coastal living redefined.

View Project Here

Over the Moon

Aesthetic bed room in Over the Moon with overlooking view of the sea built by RBC Homes

This luxury home is designed for both comfort and style, featuring expansive living areas, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and several decks that offer stunning ocean views. Enjoy premium amenities such as a heated pool, an outdoor shower, and a recreation room complete with a pool table, ensuring endless opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

View Project here

Don’t just dream it, live it.

Looking for more inspiration?

Dive into our extensive gallery to explore a variety of custom homes, each showcasing unique styles and features. Be sure to read our testimonials to hear from satisfied clients who trusted RBC Homes to build their dream homes.

Contact RBC Homes today and let us bring your vision to life.

FAQs about Benefits of Building a Custom Home in Virginia Beach

1. How long does it take to design and build a custom home?

The timeline for designing and building a custom home typically ranges from 7 to 12 months, depending on the project’s complexity and scope. This includes design, permitting, and construction phases. For a detailed breakdown of the process, visit our related article.

2. How to Choose a Custom Home Builder in Virginia Beach?

Choosing a custom home builder in Virginia Beach involves researching their experience, reputation, and past projects. Look for a builder who understands your vision and has a proven track record. For a comprehensive guide on making the right choice, read our related article.

3. What sets custom home builders apart from other builders?

Custom home builders offer personalized design, flexibility, and attention to detail, ensuring your home meets your unique needs and preferences. They work closely with you throughout the process to create a tailored living space, unlike other builders who offer limited design options.

4. How much does it cost to build a custom home in Virginia Beach?

The cost to build a custom home in Virginia Beach varies based on size, design, materials, and location. Generally, it ranges from $200 to $400 per square foot. For a precise estimate, it’s best to consult with a custom home builder.

5. Can I legally build my own house in Virginia?

Yes, you can legally build your own house in Virginia. However, you must obtain the necessary building permits from your local city or county building department and adhere to all zoning laws and construction regulations to ensure compliance.

Do You Have More Questions?

We’re here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through each step of building your custom home in Virginia Beach. Getting started is easy! Here are the first steps:

Partner with a Virginia Beach Custom Home Builder

Building a custom home in Virginia Beach offers numerous benefits, from personalized design to modern amenities.

By choosing to build, you can ensure every detail aligns with your vision and lifestyle.

RBC Homes’ expert team is dedicated to guiding you through this exciting journey, ensuring a smooth and rewarding experience. Discover the benefits of building a custom home with RBC Homes today.

Contact RBC today to start turning your dream into reality.

Custom Home Trends (2024) – What’s New in Virginia Beach?

Get ready to be inspired by the exciting design trends shaping custom homes in Virginia Beach in 2024.

From engaging the coastal lifestyle with expansive outdoor living spaces to incorporating sustainable living practices and smart technology for ultimate comfort and convenience, these trends will transform your Virginia Beach dream home into a reality.

Read on to explore these custom home trends in detail.

1. Blurring the Lines Between Indoors and Outdoors:

The beautiful custom home with large outdoor spaces built by RBC Homes
RBC Homes – Attitude Adjustment

Virginia Beach’s vibrant coastal lifestyle thrives on seamless connections to the outdoors.

Here’s how custom homes are pushing the boundaries to maximize this connection and elevate your beach living experience:

Panoramic vistas and boundless natural light:

Forget walls, think expansive glass windows and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that retract completely.

This 2024 trend not only maximizes those breathtaking ocean views but truly brings the outdoors in. Imagine basking in the natural light and feeling the refreshing sea breeze while lounging indoors.

Open floor plans reimagined:

Open floor plans are a staple, but in 2024, they’re evolving to create even more fluid transitions between living areas and outdoor spaces.

Think designated indoor-outdoor entertaining zones, where the kitchen seamlessly flows onto a deck perfect for hosting barbecues, or a living room that effortlessly extends onto a screened porch for year-round enjoyment of the fresh air.

Multifunctional outdoor living spaces:

Decks, patios, and screened porches are no longer afterthoughts.

In 2024, they’re becoming designed extensions of the home. Imagine built-in features like custom seating areas with fire pits for cozy evenings, stylish outdoor kitchens for poolside entertaining, or even integrated yoga decks for a touch of mindful luxury.

2. Wellness Retreats at Home:

Elegant bathroom inside the custom home in Atlantic Villa Fran-to-Sea
RBC Homes – Atlantic Villa Fran-to-Sea

The focus on personal well-being continues to be a driving force in custom home design for 2024.

Imagine transforming your Virginia Beach home into a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation:

Spa-inspired bathrooms:

The classic walk-in shower and deep soaking tub are still essential, but 2024 custom home trends in Virginia Beach elevate the experience.

Think walk-in steam showers for a truly luxurious spa atmosphere, or freestanding soaking tubs with chromatherapy lighting to create a calming ambiance.

Natural stone elements and calming color palettes further enhance the spa-like feel.

Home gyms designed for you:

Gone are the days of bulky equipment crammed into a spare room.

In 2024, custom homes are incorporating dedicated home gym spaces that cater to your specific needs.

Imagine a bright and airy fitness area with expansive windows overlooking the ocean, or a yoga studio that seamlessly extends onto a private outdoor deck for open-air workouts with a view.

Mindfulness in nature:

The connection between well-being and nature is a key 2024 trend in Virginia Beach.

Custom homes feature designated outdoor yoga decks with stunning views, perfect for practicing mindfulness and connecting with the calming ocean environment.

Imagine a meditation area tucked away in a private garden oasis, creating a space for inner peace and reflection.

3. Sustainable Living by the Beach

Living room of custom home with overlooking view of the sea built by RBC Homes
RBC Homes – Count Your Blessings

Virginia Beach‘s natural beauty inspires a focus on sustainability in 2024’s custom home trends. Here’s how eco-conscious features are seamlessly integrated into your dream beach abode:

Energy Independence with Smart Technology:

Solar panels are no longer a novelty; they’re a mainstay in 2024’s sustainable homes.

Imagine generating clean energy to power your Virginia Beach home, reducing your reliance on the grid and lowering your energy costs.

Smart home technology takes it a step further, allowing you to optimize energy usage with features like automated lighting and climate control.

Building Green from the Ground Up:

Sustainable building materials are a top priority.

Look for builders who utilize elements like recycled content lumber and locally sourced materials to minimize environmental impact.

Additionally, advanced insulation techniques and high-performance windows contribute to superior energy efficiency.

Water Conservation Made Easy:

Every drop counts, especially in a coastal environment.

2024 trends incorporate water-saving fixtures throughout the home, from low-flow faucets and showerheads to high-efficiency toilets.

Drought-resistant landscaping, including native plants and xeriscaping techniques, further minimizes water usage and creates a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape.

4. Kitchens Designed for Coastal Living

Elegant and aesthetic custom kitchen design built by RBC Homes
RBC Homes – Happy As a Clam

The kitchen in your Virginia Beach custom home isn’t just a place to cook – it’s the heart of coastal living in 2024.

Here’s how these kitchens are designed to perfectly complement your beach lifestyle:

Built to Last Against the Elements:

Virginia Beach’s salty air and humidity demand resilience.

In 2024, custom kitchens prioritize durable and stylish materials that can handle it all. Think beautiful quartz countertops that resist stains and scratches, or sleek stainless steel appliances with fingerprint-resistant finishes.

These materials not only offer lasting beauty but also simplify cleaning and maintenance – perfect for those sandy toes coming in from the beach.

A Chef’s Haven for Entertaining:

Beach cookouts and gatherings are a way of life in Virginia Beach. 2024 custom home trends ensure your kitchen is the perfect hub for entertaining.

Imagine ample counter space for prepping meals with friends and family, or expansive center islands that double as a buffet or casual dining area.

The open layouts seamlessly connect the kitchen to living areas, fostering a social and inviting atmosphere where conversation flows as freely as the ocean breeze.

5. Bathrooms Inspired by Tranquility

Inside the custom home bathroom with clean design
RBC Homes – All Inn

The bathroom in your Virginia Beach custom home transcends mere functionality in 2024. It transforms into a private oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation, inspired by the calming essence of the beach. Here’s how:

A Serene Escape with Nature’s Touch:

Imagine entering into a spa-like haven.

2024 custom home trends in Virginia Beach choose calming color palettes that echo the tranquility of the ocean – think soft blues, greens, and neutrals. Natural elements like stone countertops, vanities, and even accent walls further enhance the connection to nature.

Picture a walk-in shower featuring beautiful stone tile, creating a luxurious yet natural ambiance.

Walk-in Showers for Post-Beach Bliss:

A day at the beach demands a refreshing rinse-off.

Walk-in showers remain a must-have, but in 2024, they’re designed for ultimate comfort. Imagine spacious walk-in showers with rainfall showerheads and built-in niches for storing your beach essentials.

For an extra touch of luxury, consider a steam shower option to truly melt away stress.

Freestanding Tubs:

While soaking tubs are a classic choice, 2024 trends elevate them to a new level of sophistication.

Let’s imagine a beautiful freestanding bathtub as the centerpiece of your bathroom, perhaps positioned with a view to maximize the connection to the calming ocean environment.

This optional feature adds a touch of spa-like indulgence to your daily routine.

6. Outdoor Living Spaces Take Center Stage

Custom home with big outdoor spaces and elegant pool built by RBC Homes
RBC Homes – All-Sea-Suns

Virginia Beach’s vibrant lifestyle thrives on connection to the outdoors.

In 2024, custom homes elevate this concept by transforming outdoor spaces into the heart of your coastal living experience:

Durable Designs for Lasting Enjoyment:

2024 trends prioritize weather-resistant materials like composite decking that can withstand the elements. Imagine spending years enjoying your outdoor haven without worrying about warping, fading, or rot.

These durable materials not only ensure longevity but also require minimal maintenance, freeing you up for more time soaking up the sunshine.

Entertaining Reimagined: Built-in Functionality:

Outdoor entertaining is a cornerstone of Virginia Beach living.

2024 custom home trends go beyond basic decks and patios.

Custom-designed outdoor living spaces featuring built-in seating areas perfect for fireside chats, or integrated outdoor kitchens complete with grills, pizza ovens, and prep space – all seamlessly connected to your indoor living areas.

These features elevate your entertaining game, allowing you to host unforgettable gatherings under the Virginia Beach sky.

Year-Round Comfort: The Alluring Screened Porch:

Virginia Beach’s beauty comes with the occasional insect visitor.

2024 trends offer a stylish solution: the screened porch.

Imagine enjoying the outdoors in complete comfort, protected from insects while still basking in the fresh air and natural light.

This versatile space allows you to extend your living area outdoors year-round, perfect for relaxing with a book, enjoying a cup of coffee with a view, or creating a dedicated al fresco dining area.

7. Smart Technology Integration

Inside the Amazing Grace custom home with technology integration built by RBC Homes
RBC Homes – Amazing Grace

In 2024, smart technology integration takes center stage, transforming your living experience:

Effortless Control with Home Automation:

Gone are the days of juggling multiple remotes and thermostats.

2024 trends prioritize intuitive home automation systems. Imagine controlling your lighting, temperature, security systems, and even appliances with just a tap on your smartphone or a simple voice command.

This allows you to optimize energy usage, create customized lighting scenes, and ensure a comfortable environment – all from the comfort of your couch or even remotely.

Enhanced Security for Peace of Mind:

Security is paramount.

2024 custom home trends in Virginia Beach offer advanced smart security features that give you peace of mind, whether you’re home or away.

Now you can have a system with smart locks that allow you to control access remotely, video doorbell cameras that let you see who’s at your door from anywhere, and even motion sensors that trigger alerts for added security.

These features not only deter potential threats but also allow you to monitor your home in real-time, providing ultimate peace of mind.

Smart Touches for Everyday Luxury:

Technology offers a touch of luxury in 2024.

Imagine smart appliances that seamlessly integrate with your home automation system, allowing you to preheat the oven on your way home or adjust the refrigerator temperature remotely. Smart lighting with customizable settings allows you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

These features elevate your everyday living experience, adding a touch of sophistication and convenience to your Virginia Beach dream home.

Partnering for Success in 2024

Building a custom home is a significant undertaking.

Consider partnering with a qualified architect and builder who understands the specific requirements and trends in Virginia Beach custom home construction.

Their knowledge will guarantee an efficient and successful construction process.

Unveiling Dream Homes: A Look at RBC Homes’ Masterpieces

At RBC Homes  we don’t just craft houses – we create exceptional coastal living experiences.

Here, we delve into a few dazzling examples from our impressive portfolio, showcasing our versatility and commitment to exceeding expectations:

Irish Blessings: Oceanfront Opulence

Inside the Irish Blessings with customize game tables

Imagine starting each day with stunning views of the ocean.

This stunning residence exemplifies RBC’s mastery of open floor plans, allowing the panoramic ocean views to seamlessly flow throughout the home. Luxurious finishes throughout, from gourmet kitchens to spa-inspired bathrooms, create an ambiance of unparalleled elegance.

Step outside and discover expansive decks that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living, perfect for welcoming the Virginia Beach lifestyle.

View Irish Blessings Project here

Ruff Life: Redefining the Rental Experience

Beautiful custom home design built by RBC Homes

Not all custom homes are created equal.

“Ruff Life” showcases RBC’s ability to cater to specific needs, demonstrating that even rentals can be luxurious and functional.

This custom-built property proves that high-quality design and functionality can coexist beautifully. It’s a space that caters to both entertaining and relaxation, perfect for creating a haven for discerning tenants.

View Ruff Life Project here

A Crown Jewel: Sustainable Innovation Meets Smart Luxury

Elegant indoor pool with aesthetic interior design by RBC Homes

This award-winning residence isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a testament to RBC’s commitment to the future.

“A Crown Jewel” exemplifies their mastery of sustainable practices, incorporating eco-friendly materials and features that minimize environmental impact. But this doesn’t come at the expense of luxury.

Imagine a home seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge smart home technology, allowing you to control everything from lighting to security with just a touch or a voice command.

View A Crown Jewel Project here

These are just a taste of the exceptional work RBC Homes delivers.

Building a custom home is a significant investment, and RBC Homes understands the importance of transforming your vision into a reality.

Explore our website or contact us today to discuss how we can craft your own dream home in Virginia Beach!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Long Does it Take to Build a House?

The duration needed to construct a custom home may differ based on the project’s scale and intricacy.

Typically, it can range from 7 to 12 months (This estimate is flexible and influenced by various factors.)

2. How Much Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home in Virginia Beach?

The cost of building a custom home depends on several factors, including the size, location, materials, and features. Generally, custom homes in Virginia Beach start around $400 per square foot and can go up from there.

3. What are Some Things to Consider When Building a Custom Home on the Virginia Beach Coast?

When building a custom home on the Virginia Beach coast, it’s crucial to consider flood zones and elevation requirements to ensure safety and compliance with building codes. Implementing wind mitigation strategies is essential to protect against hurricanes and coastal storms. Additionally, choosing materials that can withstand the challenges of a saltwater environment is important for long-term durability.

4. What are the Benefits of Building a Custom Home in Virginia Beach?

Building a custom home in Virginia Beach offers numerous benefits, including a design tailored to fit your lifestyle and preferences, the ability to personalize every detail, increased energy efficiency leading to lower utility bills, and a home that reflects your unique taste and vision.

Do you have more questions? Contact RBC Homes Today!

Building a custom home can be a rewarding experience, and RBC Homes is here to guide you every step of the way. Contact RBC Homes today to schedule a consultation and discuss how they can turn your dream Virginia Beach home into a reality.


The exciting world of custom home trends in Virginia Beach for 2024 offers a wealth of possibilities to create your perfect coastal sanctuary.

By adopting the outdoors, prioritizing sustainability, and incorporating the latest technology, you can design a home that reflects your unique lifestyle and provides a lifetime of enjoyment.

RBC Homes, with expertise and commitment to excellence, can be your trusted partner in building your dream.

Don’t wait any longer, start building your dream today! Contact us today!

How to Design a Custom Home in VA –  2024 Design Strategies

Virginia Beach, with its miles of pristine coastline and vibrant beach culture, offers an idyllic setting for your dream home. In fact, Custom home building is booming in Virginia Beach during this 2024, making it an ideal time to create your personalized oasis.

But how to design a custom home in Virginia Beach that seamlessly blends functionality with your dream beach lifestyle?

The secret is a successful collaboration between architect and interior designer. This ensures both the architectural elements (open floor plans, wraparound porches) and interior design (durable materials, calming color palettes) work together to create a home that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

This guide will walk you through the exciting process of designing a custom home in Virginia Beach, where every detail reflects your unique vision and embraces the essence of beach living.

1. Find the Right Design Team in Virginia Beach

Your custom home is a significant investment, so choosing the right design team is crucial in the design process.

Look for home builders in Virginia Beach with experience in coastal living.

Their expertise ensures they understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the beachfront environment.

Expert Tips:

  • When evaluating potential partners, review their portfolio to see if their design style aligns with your vision, whether it’s modern, coastal chic, or something entirely different. Don’t hesitate to request references and check their credentials.

Ready to connect with a team of experienced and passionate custom home designers in Virginia Beach? Contact RBC Homes today!

Beautiful custom homes design by RBC Homes

2. Brainstorm Your Beach Lifestyle

Now comes the fun part: designing and building your dream home in beautiful Virginia Beach!

Flip through magazines, browse inspiring websites, and create Pinterest boards to gather ideas. Equally important is discussing your lifestyle needs and desired features with your design team.

  • Do you dream of hosting epic barbecues with ample space for grilling and lounging on the deck overlooking the ocean?
  • Are there hobbies you want to integrate into the design, like a dedicated art studio or a home gym?
  • Do you envision a home perfect for entertaining large groups?
  • Need a game room for family fun nights or a bunk room for sleepovers?
  • Crave a dedicated surf shack with an outdoor shower, or a yoga studio with calming ocean views?

Discussing these aspects early on with your design team helps translate your vision into a functional and personalized space that reflects your unique Virginia Beach lifestyle.

3. Define Budget & Site Selection

Building a custom home in Virginia Beach requires a realistic budget.

In the initial stages of designing a custom built home, open communication with your architect and designers is very important. Together, you’ll prioritize features, explore creative solutions, and ensure your vision stays on budget.

Next, they will guide you in selecting the ideal lot, considering crucial factors like:

  • Ocean views: Capture the essence of Virginia Beach living with breathtaking vistas.
  • Flood zones: Ensure your dream home is safe and secure.
  • Sun exposure: Maximize natural light and warmth for a bright and inviting space.
  • Wind patterns: Optimize comfort and energy efficiency.

Early discussions also focus on maximizing natural light and creating seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces, a hallmark of Virginia Beach style. They’ll also handle permits for a smooth building process.

Ready to get started? Contact RBC Homes’ expert custom home designers in VA today!

4. Architectural Design: Translating Dreams into Reality

One of RBC's clients had a new custom built house with an elegant interior design.
RBC Homes – Happy As a Clam

Working with your architect is a crucial step in how to design a custom home in Virginia Beach.

Together, you’ll develop floor plans, elevations, and 3D renderings to bring your dream home to life visually.

Throughout this collaborative process, it’s important to prioritize three key elements:

  • Functionality: Ensure your home seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle.
  • Aesthetics: Capture your desired style and create a space you love.
  • Budget: Stay on track with smart design choices and cost-effective solutions.

Key architectural features often incorporated during this stage reflect the Virginia Beach lifestyle:

  • Open floor plans: Create a sense of spaciousness and connection between living areas.
  • Wraparound porches: Extend your living space outdoors for year-round enjoyment.
  • Energy-efficient elements: Promote sustainability and reduce your environmental impact.

This approach ensures your dream home is not only beautiful but also functional and budget-friendly.

5. Interior Design: Tailoring Your Virginia Beach Oasis

The interior design plays a vital role in crafting your dream Virginia Beach home.

Interior designers understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by coastal living, like humidity and salt air.

Here’s how they’ll add value to your project:

  • Durable Beauty: They’ll guide you in selecting beautiful and long-lasting materials that can withstand the coastal environment.
  • Serene Palette: Discussions will involve creating a calming and inviting color palette that reflects the tranquility of the Virginia Beach coastal living.
  • Maximized Space & Light: The designer will create a furniture layout that maximizes flow throughout your home, while also utilizing natural light to create a spacious and airy feel.

The result? A truly harmonious space that reflects your unique style and embraces the beauty of Virginia Beach living.

Let’s now explore some specific design tips:

Kitchen Design: Functionality & Flair

One of RBC's clients had a new custom built house with a beautiful and clean kitchen design.
RBC Homes – A Crown Jewel

Virginia Beach kitchens are designed for a unique blend of beauty and functionality, catering to the area’s vibrant coastal lifestyle.

Here’s a look at key considerations for your dream kitchen:

  1. Open Floor Plans & Ocean Vistas: Architects and interior designers in VA prioritize open layouts, maximizing interaction and connection to the outdoors. Imagine whipping up meals while enjoying breathtaking ocean views – a hallmark of coastal living.
  2. Durability for Beach Life: With Virginia Beach’s humidity and salt air, material selection is crucial. Local experts recommend countertops, cabinets, and appliances that are durable and resistant to these elements.
  3. Ample Counter Space for Entertaining: Beach cookouts and gatherings are a staple of VA life. Designers will help you create a kitchen with ample counter space to accommodate large groups and culinary adventures.

Expert Tips:

  • Personalize your space with features that suit your cooking style. Smart storage solutions, energy-efficient appliances, and built-in features for entertaining can further enhance your kitchen’s functionality and enjoyment.

Considering a renovation? RBC Homes offers kitchen renovation services in Virginia Beach.

Bathroom Design: Spa-Like Escape

Similar to the kitchens, Virginia Beach bathrooms transcend functionality, transforming into spa-like escapes that harmonize with the coastal lifestyle.

Let’s explore key design elements for your dream bathroom:

  1. Natural Light & Relaxation: Architects and designers in Virginia Beach prioritize maximizing natural light using windows or skylights. This creates a bright and airy atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a day at the beach.
  2. Calming Palette & Luxe Finishes: Soft color palettes and luxurious finishes like stone or marble elevate the space, contributing to a tranquil spa experience. Local experts can guide you towards materials that complement the coastal aesthetic.
  3. Walk-In Showers & Beach Bliss: Essential for rinsing off after a day in the ocean, walk-in showers are a must-have in a Virginia Beach bathroom. Consider collaborating with your architect to explore the possibility of incorporating an outdoor shower. This unique feature fosters a deeper connection with the beachfront environment.

Expert Tips:

  • Consider incorporating features that reflect your personal style and needs.This could include heated towel racks, smart mirrors, or a soaking tub for ultimate relaxation.

Ready for a Bathroom Renovation? If you’re looking to transform your existing bathroom, our experienced team can help you create a spa-inspired oasis that reflects your unique taste and complements the coastal vibe.

Deck Design: Functionality & Ambiance

One of RBC's clients has a new custom built house with an outdoor swimming pool and customized view deck.
RBC Homes – All Inn

Virginia Beach decks are more than just outdoor spaces; they’re an extension of your coastal living area.

Here’s how to design a deck that seamlessly blends functionality with ambiance:

  1. Optimizing for Entertainment & Relaxation: Architects and designers in Virginia Beach understand how to best utilize your deck space for both entertaining and relaxation. This could involve built-in seating for gatherings, fire pits for cozy evenings under the stars, or screened porches that allow for year-round enjoyment, regardless of the elements.
  2. Weather-Resistant Materials: Durability is key in VA’s coastal environment. Local experts will recommend materials that can withstand sun, wind, and salt air, ensuring your deck provides lasting enjoyment.
  3. Creating Ambiance: Transform your deck into a magical nighttime retreat with strategic outdoor lighting. This can set the mood for intimate gatherings or simply create a relaxing atmosphere for unwinding after a day at the beach.

Expert Tips:

  • While decks are a popular choice, consider additional options like patios or walkways to expand your outdoor living area.

Ready to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space? If you’re looking to transform your existing deck or create a new outdoor space, RBC Homes offers deck remodeling and home addition services in Virginia Beach.

Living Room Design: Flow & Comfort:

Virginia Beach living rooms are designed for effortless flow and comfort, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living (Expertise). This is key to capturing the essence of coastal life. Here’s how to create your dream living space:

  1. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Connection: Architects and designers in Virginia Beach prioritize layouts that maximize the connection between your living room and outdoor areas like decks or patios. Large windows, sliding glass doors, and strategic furniture placement all play a role in achieving this seamless flow.
  2. Durability for Beach Life: Considering the constant flow of beach traffic, selecting durable flooring and furniture is crucial. Local experts can recommend materials that can withstand sand, salt, and everyday wear and tear.
  3. Comfort & Coastal Style: The interior designer will focus on furniture arrangement and coastal-inspired décor to create a space that’s both stylish and comfortable. This could involve light and airy color palettes, natural textures like woven baskets and sisal rugs, and comfortable seating arrangements that encourage relaxation.

Expert Tips:

  • Beyond these core elements, don’t forget to personalize your living room with unique touches that reflect your style and interests. This could include artwork with a nautical theme, cozy throws for movie nights, or comfortable seating arrangements for enjoying ocean views.

Ready to Transform Your Living Room? If you’re looking to renovate your current living room or build from scratch, RBC Homes offers remodeling services in Virginia Beach. We can help you design and create a space that perfectly blends comfort, style, and the essence of coastal living.

Bedroom Design: Tranquility

Custom home bedroom with simplicity design and overlooking view of the sea by RBC Homes
RBC Homes – American Dream

Virginia Beach bedrooms are tranquil retreats that embrace the coastal lifestyle.

Here’s how to design your dream master suite:

  1. Ocean Connection & Privacy (Expertise): Work with your architect to explore the possibility of incorporating a private balcony or prioritizing an oceanfront view for the master suite (depending on lot availability). This connection to the beachfront environment fosters relaxation and sets the perfect tone for unwinding after a day at the beach.
  2. Restful Atmosphere (Expertise): The interior designer will guide you towards calming color palettes and maximizing natural light to create a serene and restful atmosphere. Think soft blues, light grays, and whites that evoke the coastal vibe, while strategically placed windows allow the calming sounds and sights of the ocean to lull you to sleep.
  3. Ample Storage for Beach Essentials (Expertise): Virginia Beach living often involves beach gear, towels, and extra clothes. Local designers understand this and will help you plan for ample closet space to ensure your bedroom remains organized and clutter-free.

Expert Tips:

  • Personal Touches for Comfort (Comprehensiveness): Incorporate personal touches to further enhance your bedroom’s comfort and relaxation potential. This could include plush bedding, cozy throws, or artwork that reflects the calming beauty of the ocean.

Ready to create a tranquil haven in your bedroom? Contact RBC Homes for deck home renovation services and home remodeling in Virginia Beach!

6. Building for Today and Tomorrow

Further considerations for your Virginia Beach dream home go beyond just aesthetics.

Here’s how to ensure your custom build reflects not just your current desires, but also future needs and broader value:

  • Future Plans: Is this your forever home? Consider design elements that can adapt to changing needs as your family grows.
  • Universal Design: Implementing features like wider doorways and accessible bathrooms can enhance the home’s value and livability for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Personal Touches: Don’t forget to incorporate unique design elements that reflect your personality and style, making your home a true expression of you.

In this way, your Virginia Beach custom home becomes not just a dream realized, but an investment that grows in value and functionality alongside your life.

Expert tips:

  • Staying on Trend: Virginia Beach’s design scene is constantly evolving. Partner with a local architect or designer to explore the latest trends in 2024 home design, ensuring your dream home feels modern and reflects the coastal aesthetic.
  • Don’t forget to discuss incorporating energy-efficient features and sustainable practices with your design team. This will not only benefit the environment but also help you save money on utility bills in the long run.

Showcasing Design Excellence in Virginia Beach

RBC Homes takes pride in its commitment to designing and building exceptional custom homes in Virginia Beach.

To illustrate this dedication, we invite you to explore our gallery of projects:

Atlantic Villa Fran-to-Sea:

The Atlantic Villa Fran-to-Sea kitchen with aesthetic design built by the RBC Homes

This stunning oceanfront property exemplifies the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living. Features include expansive living spaces, a gourmet kitchen, and panoramic ocean views. The design emphasizes open floor plans and extensive use of glass to maximize natural light and connectivity with the outdoors.

View Project

Over the Moon

One of RBC's clients has a new custom built house with an outdoor swimming pool and bathtub.

Designed with functionality and luxury in mind, this home boasts spacious living areas, a fully equipped kitchen, and multiple ocean-view decks. Amenities include a heated pool, an outdoor shower, and a recreation room with a pool table, ensuring a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment.

View Project

Sandfiddler – Custom Oceanfront Home:

Inside the RBC's clients custom-built house with elegant living area.

This breathtaking residence showcases coastal living with eight en-suite bedrooms, a game room, a home theater, and a private pool. The expansive decks offer uninterrupted ocean views, while high-end finishes and smart home features provide luxury and convenience.

View Project

Each of these projects highlights our outstanding performance in the design process.

We take pride in collaborating closely with our clients to understand their vision and translate it into a reality that exceeds expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How difficult is it to design your own house?

While exciting, designing a custom home requires careful planning and expertise. Partnering with a qualified architect and interior designer ensures a smooth process and a successful outcome.

2. What sets custom home builders apart from other builders?

Custom home builders specialize in creating homes tailored to your unique needs and preferences. They work closely with you throughout the design and construction process to ensure your dream home becomes reality!

3. How long does it take to design and build a custom home?

The timeline for designing and building a custom home varies depending on several factors, including the home’s size and complexity, the design approval process, and permit acquisition. On average, expect the design phase to take 3-6 months, with construction lasting anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

4. Will a custom home design fit within my budget?

Working with reputable custom home builders like the RBC Homes team ensures open communication about costs throughout the design process. We will collaborate with you to develop a plan that aligns with your budget and explore creative solutions to achieve your dream home.

Do you have more questions?

Our experienced team is happy to answer your questions and guide you through the exciting journey of designing your custom home in Virginia Beach. Schedule a free consultation to discuss.


Designing a custom home in Virginia Beach is an opportunity to create a space that reflects your unique personality and embodies the essence of coastal living.

By working collaboratively with a skilled design team like RBC Homes, you can ensure a smooth and successful process that results in a home you’ll love for years to come.

Embrace the possibilities, contact RBC Homes today, and start living your dream beach lifestyle!

How to Choose a Home Builder in Virginia Beach – 22 Advices

Choosing the right home builder is a huge decision because building a custom home is not only a significant investment but also a partnership that will span several months.

In fact, 50% of homeowners believe reliability is the most important quality in a home builder. The builder you choose can make or break your dream home. Pick the right one, and your home will exceed your expectations. Choose poorly, and you might face a never-ending construction nightmare.

At this point, you need to figure out how to choose a home builder for your dream home in Virginia Beach.

Start by doing your homework:

Dive into online reviews and gather recommendations from friends and family. You’ll want to look for builders with extensive experience, a solid portfolio, and clear, upfront pricing. Don’t forget to check if they’re licensed and insured – it’s essential to protect your investment.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps to help you find a custom home builder in Virginia Beach who will bring your vision to life. To make this process easier for you, we’ve compiled 22 crucial steps to consider.

Let’s get started!

1. Identify Your Needs

How to choose a home builder which can create a new house with an outdoor swimming pool.
RBC Homes – Happy As a Clam
  • When you narrow down your needs, it becomes much easier to find a home builder that aligns with your vision from the start, especially for a Virginia Beach coastal home. Here are some things to consider:
  • Style: What kinds of coastal home styles are you drawn to? Clean and contemporary? Traditional? Beach cottage? Many home builders specialize in specific styles, and looking at their past work is a great way to determine whether they share your aesthetic preferences.
  • Size: Are you looking to build a spacious beachfront home for your extended family or a cozy cottage-style rental to add to your portfolio?
  • Features: What are your must-have features? From expansive decks and outdoor living spaces to hurricane-resistant materials and smart home technology integration, certain features can greatly impact the construction timeline and costs.
  • Budget: Be realistic with your budget. Not only will it give you practical limitations on the scale and complexity of your project, but it’ll also help you determine which builders are within reach.

Of course, you’ll also want to consider your timeline. If you’re looking to finish a home project as soon as possible, it might weed out a few contractors with booked schedules.

By clarifying these aspects, you’ll be well on your way to understanding how to choose a home builder in VA that perfectly matches your coastal home vision.

2. Conduct Thorough Research

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect coastal home builder in Virginia Beach, thorough research is essential.

Start by checking online reviews. What are past clients saying about their experiences? This will give you a good sense of their reputation.

Next, don’t forget to ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations. Personal referrals can be gold.

Then, take a look at builders’ portfolios. Do their past projects match your vision? Seeing is believing! Finally, ensure they have the proper licenses and insurance. This is non-negotiable for protecting your investment.

By taking these steps, you’ll be well on your way to making an informed decision and partnering with the right builder for your Virginia Beach dream home.

3. Evaluate Experience and Past Projects

How to choose a home builder which can create aesthetic interior design and overlooking view of the sea
RBC Homes – All Inn

Choosing a home builder with the right experience can make all the difference, especially for coastal homes.

Experience: Look for builders with extensive experience in the type of home you want. Have they built homes similar to your vision before?

Past Projects: Examine their past projects closely. Are the designs and quality up to your standards? Do they have a portfolio that showcases a range of successful builds?

Client Feedback: Pay attention to feedback from previous clients. Were they satisfied with the builder’s work and professionalism?

Here at RBC Homes, we specialize in building custom luxury homes in the Coastal Virginia region. Learn more about our work by exploring our gallery of past home-building projects.

4. Assess Communication and Customer Service

Getting to know your home builder is crucial. First impressions matter, especially in how a builder communicates. You can learn a lot from that initial phone call or email exchange.

Building a home is a big investment, and you deserve a builder who’s transparent throughout the process. They should be upfront about their experience, costs, and any potential challenges.

If the builder seems evasive or hesitant to answer your questions, that’s a red flag. You want a partner you can trust, someone who will keep you informed and involved every step of the way.

We value transparency above all here at RBC Homes. Get in touch with us to learn more about our home-building process.

5. Get Detailed Quotes

When you get a quote from a home builder, it should be more than an arbitrary number.

We provide comprehensive cost breakdowns here at RBC Homes, meaning every individual expense, from labor to site preparation and permitting, is transparent.

In getting detailed quotes, you can also make sure the costs align with your budget.

6. Verify Credentials

Just because a home builder says they have credentials on their website doesn’t mean you should take it at face value. Do your own research to find out whether they have a license or insurance in your state.

RBC Homes is a class-A licensed luxury home builder here in Coastal Virginia.

Learn more about us and our work.

7. Make an Informed Decision

How to choose a home builder which can build for their client an outdoor swimming pool and bathtub.
RBC Homes – Aquatic Dreams

Building a new custom home in Virginia Beach is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make. To ensure your project meets your expectations, it’s crucial to take the time to interview multiple builders and thoroughly research your options.

By selecting a builder with a proven track record and a style that matches your own, you can make a more informed decision and move forward with confidence, knowing that your dream home is in capable hands.

At RBC Homes, we pride ourselves on our years of expertise in new home construction and remodeling in the Virginia Beach area.

Our portfolio showcases a variety of custom homes that reflect the unique styles and preferences of our clients, ensuring that our work aligns perfectly with your vision.

8. Search for Specific Expertise

When embarking on a custom home-building project in Virginia Beach, it’s essential to find a builder with specific expertise to meet your unique requirements.

Many projects demand specialized spaces or distinctive architectural styles, and RBC Homes excels in these areas.

At RBC Homes, we specialize in creating custom luxury homes tailored to coastal environments.

Our homes feature coastal landscaping, expansive outdoor living areas, and floor-to-ceiling windows designed to maximize natural light and offer breathtaking views.

We place a special emphasis on ensuring that our structures are built to withstand the harsh environmental elements common to the coastal lifestyle, ensuring durability and longevity.

9. Visit Past Projects

If you have a specific style in mind for your custom home in Virginia Beach, one of the most effective ways to find a builder that aligns with your vision is by reviewing their past projects.

At RBC Homes, we encourage prospective clients to explore our extensive online portfolio, showcasing a variety of custom homes and remodeling projects we have completed in the Virginia Beach area.

Additionally, we recommend reaching out to our past clients to gain deeper insight into their personal experiences with our company.

Visiting our past projects and speaking with our satisfied clients is the best way to make an informed decision.

10. Discuss Customization

Beautiful kitchen with clean and aesthetic design built by RBC Homes
RBC Homes – Count Your Blessings

Every homeowner is unique, and finding the right builder means choosing one that offers extensive customization options for your coastal home.

Imagine a beachside home that perfectly matches your lifestyle, from the finishing touches to upgraded kitchen appliances and the ideal color palette.

Your builder should be able to adapt to your needs and ensure every detail aligns with your vision.

Ready to bring your dream home to life? Get in touch with us to learn more about our custom luxury home projects in Virginia Beach.

11. Search for Billing Transparency

Does the company’s billing method offer transparency?

As a client electing to engage in a Cost plus Contract versus a Fixed Price Contract you should be able to see the cost of each component used in construction of your new custom home. 

We take great pride in our billing transparency, as we believe it creates a sense of trust between us and our clients.

12. Seek Recommendations

We always encourage our clients to inquire among friends and family before diving into a new project with a custom home builder.

In fact, word of mouth is one of the most reliable and effective ways in knowing how to choose a home builder that’s reputable. Actively seeking advice from those you know can provide you with more insight into a company’s past success stories.

13. Understand the Timeline

While unexpected delays can happen, having a project timeline in place that both aligns with your schedule and your needs is key.

When speaking with a potential home builder, see if you can get a detailed timeline, which includes the planning and preparation phases.

An experienced custom home builder should be able to develop a timeline with realistic expectations to optimize the construction process from start to finish.

14. Check for Eco-Friendly Options

One of RBC's clients has a newly built house with an eco-friendly design.
RBC Homes – A License to Chill

Even as luxury custom home builders, one of the main elements we aim to prioritize in our work is sustainability, as it benefits both the land we build on and the surrounding communities.

If sustainability and eco-friendly construction are important to you, look for contractors that have statements pointing to their eco-friendly material usage or green practices.

Ask if your contractor can implement energy-efficient appliances in your new home or whether or not they use any recyclable or natural materials.

15. Review the Contract Thoroughly

If you aren’t a legal professional, we’d recommend finding someone who is to walk you through your construction contract to tell you whether or not your interests are protected.

However, if you’d like to look it over beforehand, there are a couple of things to pay attention to:

  • Whether or not the scope of the work is outlined clearly
  • The final price, including additional costs and allowances
  • Payment schedules
  • Timelines
  • Warranties

A thorough contract will protect both you and the builder, which is why the review process is such a crucial part of choosing a home builder.

16. Inquire About After-Sale Services

Many newly built custom homes come with after-sale services, such as warranties and maintenance.

If your chosen home builder doesn’t provide a warranty, it’s likely because they aren’t confident in their craftsmanship.

Again, this is a big red flag, and an important aspect when determining how to choose a home builder.

Learn more about our special after-sale services at RBC Homes!

17. Ask About Financing

Elegant living area with modern and aesthetic design built by RBC Homes
RBC Homes – Atlantic Villa Fran-to-Sea

If you’re building a custom home and not paying in cash, you’ll have to consider financing options.

Many home builders have relationships with Banks which offer construction/permanent loans, a financing vehicle which can fund a portion of the land cost, fund construction costs, and which  is also a long-term mortgage.

This type of loan usually offers a 12 to 18 month construction term and generally the borrower pays interest only on that portion of the loan actually advanced to fund construction.

However, financing options can vary, so getting a good idea of what financing options are available is crucial.

18. Check for Associations and Awards

Home builders with industry recognition and awards most often provide a higher level of expertise. We don’t earn awards in this industry without a commitment to consistent excellence.

You can typically find this information on a builder’s website, though you can also check with professional housing associations, such as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) or your local Home Builders Association (HBA).

19. Inspect Their Safety Record

RBC Homes is dedicated to safety in all forms, protecting not only the clients whose homes we are building by adhering to strict safety standards but also the builders themselves with proper training programs and on-site protocol.

As a client, we urge you to inquire about the safety practices of any contractor you’re thinking of hiring when figuring out how to choose a home builder.

  • Do they have a clean record without any incidents for which they’re at fault?
  • Do they offer their builders professional training with the latest and most up-to-date standards?
  • Do they carry adequate insurance during the construction process?

Prioritizing safety means minimizing risks and disruptions during the construction process and protecting every party with a stake in the project.

20. Understand the Payment Schedule

Payment schedules are part of just about every construction process.

They detail the timeline of payments that must be made throughout a project’s timeline.

A quality schedule strikes a balance between the client’s desire to only pay for work that’s been completed and the contractor’s need to receive payment on time.

As we said before, knowing how to choose a home builder has a lot to do with finding a timeline that works for you.

Make sure the payment schedule is something you completely understand so that both parties can agree to it confidently.

21. Evaluate Their Problem-Solving Skills

How to choose a home builder which can create a newly built house by RBC Homes for their client with luxury indoor swimming pool
RBC Homes – A Crown Jewel

Beyond exploring your potential contractor’s portfolio, try to find out more about any issues they may have run into in the past and whether or not they will be able to find solutions for them.

There are many problems we face here at RBC Homes that are out of our control, from inclement weather to unforeseen site conditions and last-minute design changes. However, we also have years of experience and a proven track record, which helps us handle issues as they arise.

Knowing that you’re working with a home builder who has a track record of addressing and dealing with challenges can make for a much less stressful process.

22. Visit Ongoing Projects

When figuring out how to choose a home builder for your home in Virginia Beach, one of the last things we recommend is visiting their ongoing projects if feasible.

This allows you to see how they work in real-time.

By observing their operations firsthand, you get a more hands-on look at their professionalism, organization, and craftsmanship. It’s an excellent way to gauge if they are the right fit for your custom coastal home project.

Contact us to learn more about our ongoing luxury custom home projects. We’d love for you to see how we operate!

Coastal Elegance: RBC Homes’ Signature Projects

At RBC Homes, our passion lies in turning your dreams into reality.

Explore our portfolio to see a collection of inspiring custom homes in Virginia Beach, each showcasing our commitment to quality craftsmanship and exceptional design.

Step Inside Unforgettable Spaces:

“At Last”

Arial view of the beautiful home in At Last with outdoor swimming pool built by RBC Homes

Ideal for family gatherings, “At Last” features seven master bedrooms, a spacious gourmet kitchen, and an elevator for easy access.

Enjoy stunning ocean views and a vast open-concept living area perfect for connecting and relaxing.

Unwind by the poolside cabana bar or enjoy a game night in the rec room. “At Last” offers a luxurious retreat for everyone.

View Project Here

“All Inn”

All Inn home with outdoor swimming pool and overlooking view of the sea

Experience the ultimate in coastal luxury with panoramic ocean views and unparalleled elegance.

Imagine waking up to stunning sunrises and sunsets or watching dolphins from your private viewing decks. This is the epitome of coastal living.

View Project Here

“Ruff Life”

How to choose a home builder which can create home with clean and aesthetic living area built by RBC Homes

Experience luxury by the sea!

This 9-bedroom oasis now boasts a new 2024 upgrade: a master suite with three double beds for unparalleled comfort. Relax by the private pool, entertain at the cabana bar, or simply take in the stunning views. “Ruff Life” is perfect for families and pets, featuring elegant interiors, hardwood floors, and top-tier amenities.

This is coastal living at its finest.

View Project Here

Need More Inspiration?

Explore our extensive gallery to find a wide range of custom homes that showcase diverse styles and features.

And be sure to read our testimonials to hear from satisfied clients who have trusted RBC Homes to build their dream homes.

FAQs About How to Choose a Home Builder

1. What are the most important questions to ask a potential home builder?

It’s crucial to ask about their experience, past projects, timelines, costs, and any potential issues they foresee. Also, inquire about their licenses, insurance, and after-sale services to ensure you’re protected.

2. How can I verify the quality of a home builder’s work?

Visit their completed projects, check online reviews, and speak to previous clients. This will give you a clear picture of their craftsmanship, reliability, and the satisfaction of their customers.

3. What should I expect in a detailed quote from a home builder?

A detailed quote should include a comprehensive breakdown of costs, including building materials, labor, permits, and any additional fees. It should also outline the payment schedule and project timeline.

4. How do I handle unexpected issues during the home building process?

Choose a builder with strong problem-solving skills and a good track record. Clear communication and a flexible approach are key to handling unforeseen challenges effectively.

5. What should be included in a home builder contract?

A thorough contract should detail the scope of work, total costs, payment schedule, timeline, and warranties. It should also cover what happens if there are delays or changes to the project.

6. How do I decide whether to buy or build?

Deciding whether to buy or build depends on your timeline, budget, and specific needs. Building allows for complete customization but can take more time and may involve unexpected costs. Buying an existing home is faster and may be less expensive upfront but might not meet all your needs.

Do You Have More Questions?

We’re here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through each step of choosing a home builder in Virginia Beach. Getting started is easy! Here are the first steps:

How to Choose a Builder for Your New Home in Virginia Beach

Putting in the work to find the home builder that best aligns with your needs can give you the most important thing of all — confidence in the team. 

Building a home is a significant investment. For many clients, the process is quite emotional, so making sure you have a company that values you and provides you with trust is key.

Our 30+ years of dedicated experience has made us one of the top luxury custom home builders in Virginia Beach. If you’re interested in learning more about our award-winning projects and seeing how we can help you in the process of building your own home, get in touch with us today.

How Long Does It Take to Build a House in Virginia Beach, VA?

Ever imagine yourself sipping a drink on your brand new Virginia Beach porch, the sunset ablaze across the sky and the ocean’s rhythm serenading you?

Building your dream home here can make this a reality.

But before you dive in, you might wonder: how long does it take to build a house in Virginia Beach?”

The average construction timeline in Virginia Beach falls between 7 and 12 months. However, it’s important to remember this is a flexible estimate, and several factors can influence this. Let’s break it down into two key phases, pre-construction and construction. Here’s a general breakdown of the time required for each construction phase:

  1. Pre-Construction Phase: 2-4 months (planning, design, permits)
  2. Foundation: 1-2 months
  3. Framing and Structure: 2-3 months
  4. Roughing-In: 2-3 months
  5. Interior and Exterior Work: 2-4 months
  6. Final Touches: 1-2 months

Trust us, aspiring homeowners – the wait is more than worth it!

Now, let’s dive in into the details:

1. Pre-Construction Phase (2-4 Months)

One of RBC's clients has a new custom built house.
RBC Homes – A License to Chill

According to the most recent data from the Census Bureau, the average time it takes to get through the pre-construction process is around 1.3 months for a single-family unit.

So, what does this phase entail?

The groundwork for a smooth construction process in Virginia Beach is laid during this initial phase.

Here, planning and securing permits take center stage.

  • Planning and Design: This stage involves defining your vision, including the floor plan and exterior finishes. The complexity of the design and the number of revisions can significantly impact the timeline.Choosing a pre-designed floor plan from RBC Homes’ extensive library can expedite this phase compared to creating a custom design from scratch.
  • Architectural Design and Blueprints: A licensed architect translates your vision into detailed blueprints required for obtaining permits. The intricacy of the design and any revisions here can also influence the timeline.
  • Permits and Regulatory Approvals: Securing necessary permits from Virginia Beach authorities is crucial. The complexity of the project and local regulations can affect the time taken for approvals.

By streamlining these pre-construction steps, you can lay a strong foundation for a smooth and efficient building process in Virginia Beach.

2. Foundation (1-2 Months)

The foundation is the cornerstone of your home, literally!

The timeline for this crucial stage in Virginia Beach is usually 1-2 months and can be influenced by several factors:

  • Site Preparation: This encompasses tasks like land grading and foundation excavation, and can vary depending on your plot’s specific characteristics. Sandy soil conditions, common in some coastal Virginia Beach areas, might require additional considerations during site prep.
  • Foundation Selection: The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) emphasizes using qualified professionals to ensure a strong and stable foundation for your dream home. Common options include concrete slabs or foundations with pilings. RBC Homes’ expertise can help you navigate this decision based on your soil conditions and building plans. We can also advise on the potential benefits of installing a grade beam for added stability.

3. Framing and Structure (2-3 Months):

Inside the newly house with clean living area built by RBC Homes
RBC Homes – Ruff Life

The framework is the skeletal system of your home, providing the structure for everything to come.

This stage, typically lasting 2-3 months in Virginia Beach, involves erecting the walls, roof, and windows.

Optimizing the Framing Process:

The complexity of your design and any modifications made during framing can impact the timeline. Here’s how RBC Homes can help you navigate this stage efficiently in Virginia Beach:

We’ve developed a streamlined framing process that ensures efficient construction while maintaining the exceptional quality you expect for your Virginia Beach dream home.

4. Roughing-In (2-3 months)

The “roughing-in” stage is where the magic starts to happen!

During this 2-3 month period in Virginia Beach, essential systems like plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) are installed throughout the framework of your home.

This meticulous process ensures your dream home functions seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Crucial Inspections: Regular inspections by qualified professionals occur throughout the roughing-in phase in Virginia Beach. These inspections guarantee adherence to local building codes and ensure the safety and functionality of your home’s vital systems.

5. Interior and Exterior Work (2-4 Months)

One of RBC's clients has a new house with an elegant interior design.
RBC Homes – Summer Baycation

This is the moment where your vision truly comes to life!

The interior and exterior work stage, typically lasting 2-4 months in Virginia Beach, involves transforming the framework into your dream home.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Building the Envelope: Insulation installation creates a comfortable and energy-efficient environment. Drywall goes up, providing a canvas for your design ideas.
  • Personalizing Your Space: This is where you get to showcase your style! From selecting the perfect flooring and paint colors to choosing fixtures and finishes, the wide variety of materials and finishes offered by RBC Homes allows you to personalize your Virginia Beach home to perfection. The extent of customization you choose can influence the timeline in this stage.

6. Final Touches (1-2 Months):

You’ve reached the final hurdle!

This exciting stage typically lasts 1-2 months in Virginia Beach, and involves adding the finishing touches that transform your house into your dream home.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Polishing the Interior: Cabinets, fixtures, and appliances are installed, bringing functionality and style to your living space.
  • Landscaping for Beauty: The exterior comes to life with landscaping, adding curb appeal and creating an inviting outdoor space you can enjoy in Virginia Beach’s beautiful weather.
  • Final Inspections: Meticulous final inspections by qualified professionals ensure everything meets safety standards and building codes. Once these are complete, you’ll be given the green light to move into your dream home!

Tip for Virginia Beach Homebuilders: Finalizing selections early in the process can expedite this stage. Collaborate with your home builder to ensure materials are readily available to avoid delays.

The Average Construction Timeline in Virginia Beach

As we have observed, the average house construction timeline in Virginia Beach falls within the national range of 7 to 12 months. However, this can vary depending on your chosen building method.

  • Traditional Construction: This method offers maximum design flexibility, allowing you to customize your dream home. While the on-site building process can take longer, Virginia Beach’s favorable summer weather conditions (as discussed earlier) can potentially expedite construction compared to regions with harsher climates.
  • Prefab Construction: Prefabricated homes are built in sections off-site, often resulting in a faster construction timeline in Virginia Beach. This method can be ideal if you have a tighter timeframe or a simpler design in mind. However, prefab homes might have limitations in terms of customization options.

RBC Can Help You Decide:

RBC Homes understands the importance of timelines in Virginia Beach.

Contact us today! We can provide a more specific construction timeframe estimate based on your project details and desired level of customization.

Our team will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your vision and schedule.

Factors Influencing Timeline of Building a House in Virginia Beach

While the national average for building a house falls between 7 and 12 months, your Virginia Beach project might have a different timeline. Here’s why:

  • Size and Design Complexity: Grand estates with elaborate features will naturally take longer than simpler bungalows. Optimizing your design or choosing a pre-designed floor plan from RBC Homes can streamline this process.
  • Virginia Beach Weather: Favorable summer weather conditions can potentially expedite construction compared to regions with harsher winters. However, factor in potential delays due to hurricane season, which is a regional consideration for Virginia Beach.
  • Material Availability and Labor: The local availability of building materials and skilled labor can influence the timeline. RBC Homes’ experience navigating the Virginia Beach construction landscape can help mitigate these potential delays.
  • Design Changes and Unforeseen Issues: While modifications and unforeseen situations can arise, RBC Homes’ transparent communication and proactive approach can help minimize their impact on your schedule.

Partnering for a Smooth Build:

By understanding these Virginia Beach-specific factors, you can create a more realistic timeline for your dream home. Contact RBC Homes today to discuss your project and explore ways to optimize your construction journey.

Building Dreams on Time: Real-Life Examples from RBC Homes

At RBC Homes, we understand the importance of a clear timeline when building your dream home. Here, we’ll showcase how our commitment to efficiency translates to success for our clients, along with valuable insights from our construction experts:


One of the newly houses built by RBC Homes with aesthetic interior design

Imagine waking up to panoramic ocean views from your private balcony in one of “Bellissimo’s” nine luxurious bedrooms.

This sprawling oceanfront property boasts a private pool with tempered-glass fencing, creating a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Relax in the two-story gazebo or unwind in the state-of-the-art home theater.

The gourmet kitchen, equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, caters to the chef in you.


“Villa Sol”

Beautiful kitchen design built by RBC Homes

Villa Sol” exemplifies the essence of coastal living.

This oceanfront escape features nine luxurious bedrooms, including seven private masters, ideal for family gatherings or large groups.

Revel in the private pool, hot tub, and cabana bar, perfect for creating lasting memories under the Virginia Beach sun.


“American Dream”

Luxury homes built by RBC Homes with outdoor swimming pool and overlooking view of the sea

American Dream” brings your family vacation dreams to life.

This sprawling 3-level oceanfront home boasts expansive decks, a poolside cabana bar, and a ground-level rec room for endless fun. Relax in the hot tub, unwind in the open great room with stunning views, or whip up meals in the gourmet kitchen.

Luxurious bedrooms and professionally decorated spaces ensure everyone feels comfortable and entertained.


Ready to Discuss Your Dream Home?

These are just 3 examples of the exceptional oceanfront properties RBC Homes can build.

Our commitment ensures your dream home is built on time and within budget, allowing you to start enjoying your coastal oasis sooner.

Contact RBC Homes today to discuss your project and get a personalized construction timeline estimate.

Let’s turn your dream into reality, together.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, address common questions people might have about building timelines:

1. Can a home be built in 3 months?

 While rare, under ideal circumstances (simple design, readily available materials, favorable weather) a very small and basic home might be achievable in 3 months. However, this is an aggressive timeframe and not typical for most projects.

2. How quick can you build a home?

RBC Homes can analyze your project and provide an accurate timeline estimate. Prefabricated homes might offer a slightly faster construction timeframe compared to traditional builds.

3. What part of building a house takes the longest?

The pre-construction phase, particularly securing permits, can sometimes take longer than anticipated. However, the overall timeline depends on your specific project.

4. Do you Have More Questions?

Contact RBC Homes today for a free consultation. Let’s discuss your vision and create a timeline that brings your dream home in Virginia Beach to life!


Building a house in Virginia Beach is an exciting journey, and with careful planning, you can navigate the construction process smoothly.

This guide has provided insights into the various phases involved and the factors that can influence the timeline.

Remember, the average timeframe is 7 to 12 months, but it can vary depending on your project’s specifics.

RBC Homes understands the importance of clear communication and realistic timelines.

Contact us today to discuss your dream home and get a personalized construction timeline estimate. We’ll be happy to guide you through the process and turn your dream into reality.

Building a Custom Home – All You Need to Know!

Did you know that according to a recent realtor survey, Virginia Beach is ranked as one of the top 10 beach towns in the U.S. to live in?

With its stunning coastline and vibrant community, it’s no wonder!

Imagine waking up to the sound of crashing waves and stepping outside your front door onto the soft Virginia Beach sand.

This dream can become reality when you build your own custom home in this vibrant coastal city.

Building a custom home in Virginia Beach is an exciting journey, but it can also feel overwhelming.

This guide will simplify the process, taking you step-by-step from envisioning your dream home to the final inspection and that celebratory move-in day.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Charting the Course for Your Dream Home

Aerial view of the RBC's clients custom house with outdoor pool
RBC Homes – At Last

This is where the magic begins!

Before diving into specifics, take some time to envision your ideal custom home.

Here’s what to consider:

  • Budgeting for Success: Establish a realistic budget that encompasses the entire project, including land acquisition, construction costs, materials, permits, and even a buffer for unforeseen expenses.
  • Lifestyle Design: Think about how you’ll use the space. Do you need a dedicated home office for remote work? A spacious entertainment area for hosting gatherings? Factor in your hobbies and future needs.
  • Finding Your Architectural Harmony: Research architectural styles that resonate with you and complement Virginia Beach’s unique environment. Explore the timeless elegance of coastal-inspired designs, the charm of craftsman bungalows, or the clean lines of modern architecture.

Step 2: Securing Your Dream Home’s Foundation

Choosing the right location is crucial for a successful custom home build.

Here’s a breakdown of key factors to consider:

Oceanfront Bliss:

Virginia Beach boasts over 35 miles of stunning coastline.

While beachfront property offers unparalleled views and waterfront access, be mindful of potential flood risks and stricter zoning regulations.

Consulting a realtor with expertise in oceanfront properties is highly recommended.

Neighborhood Nuances:

Virginia Beach offers a diverse range of established neighborhoods, each with its unique character.

Established areas often have mature trees, well-regarded schools, and a strong sense of community. Up-and-coming areas may offer more affordable options and a chance to be part of a growing community.

Research each area’s proximity to amenities, schools, and public transportation to ensure it aligns with your lifestyle needs.

Lot Logistics:

The size, slope, and soil conditions of the lot significantly impact your home’s design and construction costs.

  • A larger lot provides more flexibility for a sprawling design, while a smaller lot might necessitate a multi-story approach.
  • Evaluate the slope of the land; a steeper grade might require additional foundation work.
  • Soil composition also plays a role; sandy soil might require specific foundation types.
  • Consider consulting a licensed geotechnical engineer to assess the specific lot and provide recommendations.

Step 3: The Experts Who Bring Your Dream Home to Life

One of RBC's clients has a new custom built house with an aesthetic kitchen.
RBC Homes – Attitude Adjustment

Assembling a skilled and experienced team is essential for a smooth and successful custom home build. Here are the key players you’ll want on your side:

The Visionary Architect:

A licensed architect with expertise in custom home construction in Virginia Beach is your first point of contact.

According to the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), a staggering 78% of homeowners who hire architects report being satisfied or very satisfied with the overall project.

Look for an architect with a portfolio that aligns with your desired style and who can translate your vision into a detailed and functional plan.

Don’t hesitate to ask for references and check their credentials with the Virginia Beach Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR).

The Master Builder:

Finding a reputable and experienced builder is paramount.

Look for a Virginia Beach-licensed builder with a proven track record of constructing high-quality custom homes.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recommends getting at least three quotes from different builders.

Ask for references, check their online reviews, and verify their licenses and insurance with the DPOR. A trustworthy builder will ensure your project adheres to building codes, uses high-quality materials, and prioritizes safety throughout the construction process.

Rounding Out the Team:

Depending on the complexity of your project, you may need additional specialists.

Structural engineers ensure your home’s foundation and framework can withstand the elements. Interior designers help you create a cohesive and stylish living space.

Landscape architects can design outdoor areas that complement your home and lifestyle.

Step 4: The Permitting Process in Virginia Beach

One of RBC's clients has a new custom built house with an outdoor swimming pool.
RBC Homes – X-TA-SEA

Obtaining the necessary permits is a crucial step before construction commences.

While the process might seem daunting, a clear understanding of Virginia Beach’s regulations and close collaboration with your team will ensure a smooth journey.

Understanding Local Requirements:

Virginia Beach, like most municipalities, has specific zoning ordinances and permitting procedures for custom home construction.

Familiarize yourself with these regulations, which can be found on the City of Virginia Beach’s website or by contacting the Department of Planning and Community Development.

According to a survey by the NAHB, an average of 4-6 permits are typically required for new home construction.

These can include:

  • Permits for building,
  • Electrical work,
  • Plumbing,
  • mechanical systems,
  • additional permits depending on your project’s specifics.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

Don’t navigate the permitting process alone.

Your architect and builder are well-versed in Virginia Beach’s regulations and will guide you through the process.

They will handle most of the paperwork and ensure all necessary permits are obtained before construction begins.

However, having a basic understanding of the permitting requirements allows you to ask informed questions and stay involved throughout the process.

Step 5: The Construction Phase in Virginia Beach

Inside the RBC's client's new custom home with clean and eco-friendly living area.
RBC Homes – A License to Chill

This is where the magic truly happens!

Your custom home in Virginia Beach starts to transform from blueprints into a reality.

Here’s a glimpse into the exciting phases of construction:

Laying the Foundation for Success:

The initial stage involves setting the foundation, the hidden but crucial element that ensures your home’s stability.

The NAHB reports that foundation work typically takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

During this stage, you’ll see the foundation walls being poured or constructed, and meticulous attention will be paid to code compliance and soil conditions.

From Frame to Function:

Once the foundation cures, framing begins.

This stage creates the skeleton of your home, including walls, roof, and floor joists. Witnessing the basic structure emerge is a significant milestone.

Following the framing, rough-in work for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems takes place.

This ensures these vital systems are seamlessly integrated before further construction.

Insulation is then installed to regulate temperature and improve energy efficiency.

Your Design Decisions Take Center Stage:

As construction progresses, you’ll have exciting opportunities to personalize your space.

This is where you’ll select finishes like flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and lighting fixtures.

Your choices in this stage will significantly influence the overall aesthetic and functionality of your home.

Don’t hesitate to consult with your architect or interior designer for guidance in creating a cohesive and stylish living environment.

Step 6: Final Inspections and Your Dream Home Awaits!

One of RBC's clients has a new custom built house with an elegant kitchen.
RBC Homes – Bellissimo

After months of meticulous planning and construction, the big moment arrives!

Here’s what to expect as you approach the final hurdle:

The Final Hurdle: Inspections & Approvals

Multiple inspections by qualified professionals are required to ensure your custom home adheres to building codes, safety regulations, and Virginia Beach’s specific ordinances.

These inspections typically cover electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems, fire safety, and structural integrity.

According to NAHB, an average of 3-5 inspections are conducted throughout the construction process.

Working closely with your builder throughout construction helps ensure a smooth inspection process.

The Coveted Certificate of Occupancy (CO):

Once all inspections are successfully passed, you’ll receive the Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

This official document signifies that your home meets all safety and code requirements and is officially habitable!

Living the Virginia Beach Dream:


You’ve reached the pinnacle of your custom home building journey.

It’s time to celebrate your accomplishment and embrace life in your very own haven designed specifically for you and your loved ones.

Enjoy the unparalleled coastal lifestyle Virginia Beach offers, whether it’s relaxing on the beach, exploring vibrant neighborhoods, or indulging in the city’s many recreational activities.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls for Your Dream Home

The newly custom house built by RBC Homes for one of their clients
RBC Homes – Absolut Paradise

Building a custom home in Virginia Beach is an incredibly rewarding experience, allowing you to create a space that perfectly suits your needs and embodies a sustainable lifestyle.

Here’s how to ensure a smooth and successful journey:

  • Plan Smart: Define your must-have features and desired aesthetic upfront.
  • Embrace Green: Incorporate eco-friendly elements like energy-efficient appliances for a sustainable home.
  • Budget Wisely: Set a realistic budget and stick to it with your builder.
  • Be Flexible: Expect adjustments and work with your builder for creative solutions.
  • Hire Pros: Choose a team of experienced architects and builders.
  • Communicate Clearly: Regularly discuss your vision, questions, and updates with your team.
  • Enjoy the Journey! Savor building your dream home in Virginia Beach.

Identify Inspiration:

Need a spark to ignite your vision? Check out RBC Homes’ Gallery page for design inspiration, featuring a variety of styles to suit your taste.

Benefits of a Custom Home Builder: Your Dream, Our Expertise

Building a custom home in Virginia Beach can be overwhelming.

RBC Homes simplifies the process:

  • Expert Guidance: We guide you from initial vision to completion, regardless of your starting point.
  • Seamless Management: We handle design, permits, construction, and quality control, ensuring a smooth and compliant build.
  • Peace of Mind: Our experienced team takes care of the details, allowing you to enjoy the journey.

Choose RBC Homes: We partner with leading architects, designers, and subcontractors to deliver exceptional quality and value for your dream home.

Custom Homes vs. Pre-Built in Virginia Beach

We’ve delved into the exciting world of custom homes in Virginia Beach. But now comes a critical decision: should you build from scratch or choose a pre-built home?

Consider the unique advantages of a custom build:

  • Uniquely You: Design a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. From a dedicated home office to an airy kitchen, every detail is yours to choose.
  • Premium Quality: Select high-quality materials and features that ensure lasting value and comfort.
  • Smart & Sustainable: Incorporate energy-efficient features and smart home technology for a future-proof haven.

While pre-built homes offer a faster move-in time, they come with limitations:

  • Limited Customization: Choose from pre-designed layouts and finishes, with less room for personalization.
  • Potential Quality Concerns: Quality can vary depending on the builder’s standards.
Custom HomesPre-Built Homes
Higher-quality materials, but more expensiveLimited customization options
Ultra-tailored and unique designs, but longer construction timesPotential quality loss, but faster move-in time
Ability to incorporate smart and energy-efficient featuresLess unique, but more cost-effective

Ready to craft your dream home? Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the process. Contact us today to discuss your vision and explore the possibilities!

Custom Home 2024 Trends: Reflect You, Embrace the Future

One of the RBC's clients has new custom-built house with an elegant interior design
RBC Homes – X-TA-SEA

Your custom home should be a timeless expression of your style, but staying informed about current trends can ensure it feels fresh and innovative.

Here are some of the hottest trends in custom home design for 2024, shaping the future of luxury living:

Sustainable Sophistication:

Eco-conscious features are no longer just an option;

they’re becoming a hallmark of luxury. Look for builders who integrate elements like solar panels, geothermal HVAC systems, water-harvesting systems, and smart home technology for automated energy management.

These features not only reduce your environmental impact but can also lead to significant long-term cost savings.

Wellness-Focused Design:

The idea of “home as a sanctuary” is constantly evolving.

In 2024, expect to see custom homes with dedicated wellness spaces like yoga studios, home gyms with cutting-edge equipment, or even built-in steam showers and saunas.

These features allow you to prioritize your well-being within the comfort of your own home.

Smart Kitchens & Bathrooms:

Technology seamlessly integrates into the heart of the home.

Custom kitchens are being designed with smart appliances, voice-activated controls, and innovative storage solutions.

Similarly, luxury bathrooms are featuring smart showers, heated floors, and spa-like fixtures for a truly elevated experience.

Multigenerational Living:

As families evolve, so do housing needs.

Custom homes in 2024 cater to multigenerational living by incorporating features like in-law suites, separate living areas, and accessible design elements.

This allows families to live comfortably under one roof while maintaining privacy and independence.

Remember, these trends are a springboard for inspiration. The true beauty of a custom home lies in tailoring it to your unique vision and lifestyle.

Coastal Luxury: RBC Homes’ Visionary Projects

At RBC Homes, transforming dreams into reality is our passion.

Explore our portfolio and discover a collection of inspiring custom homes in Virginia Beach, each a testament to our dedication to quality craftsmanship and exceptional design.

Step Inside Unforgettable Spaces:

“All Inn”

Beautiful custom home built by RBC Homes

Embrace panoramic ocean views and unparalleled elegance in this luxurious haven.

Imagine waking up to breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, or witnessing playful dolphins from your private viewing decks.

This is coastal living at its finest.

View Project Here

“At Last”

Elegant interior design of custom home built by RBC Homes

Perfect for family gatherings, “At Last” boasts seven master bedrooms, a spacious gourmet kitchen, and an elevator for effortless access.

Stunning ocean views and an expansive open-concept living area create the perfect space to connect and unwind.

Relax by the poolside cabana bar or enjoy a game night in the rec room. “At Last” offers a luxurious escape for all.

View Project Here

“Ruff Life”

The newly custom house built by RBC Homes

This 9-bedroom oasis features a brand new 2024 upgrade: a master suite with three double beds for ultimate comfort.

Unwind by the private pool, entertain at the cabana bar, or simply soak in the breathtaking views. “Ruff Life” welcomes families and furry friends alike, offering refined interiors, hardwood floors, and premium amenities.

This is coastal living redefined.

View Project Here

Beyond the Showcase: Looking for more inspiration?

Don’t just dream it, live it.

Contact RBC Homes today and let us turn your vision into a reality.

Beyond the Showcase:

Explore our extensive gallery to discover a wider range of custom homes that reflect diverse styles and features.

And don’t forget to check our testimonials to hear from satisfied clients who have entrusted RBC Homes with building their dream homes.

Don’t just dream it, live it.

Contact RBC Homes today and let us turn your vision into a reality.


1. How Long Does it Take to Build a Custom Home?

The timeframe for building a custom home varies depending on the project’s complexity and size. Typically, it can take anywhere from 9 months to 2 years to complete a custom home in Virginia Beach. Check out our guide for additional tips.

2. How Much Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home?

The average cost to build a house varies depending on factors like size, materials, location, and desired features. In Virginia Beach, expect a range of $150,000 to $450,000+, excluding the cost of land.

3. What is the Building Cost Per Square Foot?

Building costs per square foot can also vary, but in Virginia Beach, you can expect a range of $100 to $250 per square foot. This range considers the quality of materials and finishes you choose.

4. What are the Benefits of Building a Sustainable Custom home?

Sustainable homes offer a win-win: reduce your environmental footprint, potentially save on energy bills, and enjoy a healthier, more comfortable living space.

5. How to Choose a Home Builder?

Choosing the right home builder is crucial for a smooth and successful custom home project. Here’s a quick tip: Prioritize experience, communication, and clear pricing. For a deeper dive, check out our comprehensive guide: How to Choose a Home Builder.

Do You Have More Questions?

We’re here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through each step of building your dream home in Virginia Beach. Getting started is easy! Here are the first steps:

Your Dream Awaits in Virginia Beach

Building a custom home in Virginia Beach is a journey of creating a space that reflects your unique lifestyle and aspirations.

From beachfront bliss to vibrant neighborhoods, Virginia Beach offers a wealth of possibilities to personalize your dream home.

With this guide as your roadmap, you’re well-equipped to navigate the process.

Remember, careful planning, the right team of experts, and a touch of patience are the key ingredients to turning your dream home into a reality.

Ready to start building your dream in Virginia Beach? Contact RBC today!

Our team of experienced professionals can guide you through every step of the custom home building process, ensuring a smooth and rewarding journey.