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How Long Does It Take to Build a House? – 6 Variables in the Timeline

Have you ever wondered how long does it take to build a house, especially knowing the world’s first 3D-printed home was constructed in just 24 hours? The timeline for building custom homes from scratch using traditional methods must take numerous variables into account. On average, building a house from scratch can take anywhere from 6 […]

How to Choose a Home Builder – 22 Expert Tips

Ask anyone how to choose a home builder, and they’ll have their own interpretation of the matter. However, because you’re making such a significant investment in your new custom, there are several key characteristics you’ll want to look out for.  Reputable home builders often have a long list of references from past projects with years […]

Custom Home Building – Turning Your Concept into Reality

When creating a living space that’s uniquely your own, there’s no better approach than building a custom home. With a custom home, you get the opportunity to design a space tailored to your needs and lifestyle, which you simply can’t get from pre-fabricated or existing floor plans. Plus, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching […]

Building Your Own Home – 6 Factors to Consider

Dreaming of building your own home? For so many, the idea never leaves the ‘dream’ phase, as the overwhelming thought of building something as complex as a home seems impossible. Building your own home is a lengthy, heavily involved process, from the first stages of inception to the final stages of interior design. And, as […]

Luxury Custom Home Builders – The Difference Builders Make

Building a custom home is your opportunity to incorporate the home features you’ve always dreamed about. Luxury custom home builders can bring your  dreams to fruition, but what do they do? Why hire them? A superior luxury custom home builder will work closely with you when designing and constructing your custom home. They’ll use state-of-the-art […]

Building a Custom Home – All You Need to Know!

In 2022, we saw a near 28% increase in custom home building, showing that the trend of individuality is in. At RBC Homes, our team of distinguished luxury custom home builders has over 30 years of experience. With that, we know what it means to craft a residence that speaks to someone’s personal style. From […]

How to Build a Custom Home – Exploring 6 Major Steps

“How to build a custom home” is a question many have as they get one step closer to realizing their dreams of homeownership. A custom property is a smart idea if none of the homes in your nearby market suit your needs. What does the custom home-building process entail? Building a custom home involves a […]